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Exciting News from the Team: The Agile Master Certification Goes Global!

We’re thrilled to share that our highly acclaimed Agile Master Certification, a cornerstone of excellence in the French-speaking agile realm, is now being meticulously translated and enhanced for an international audience. Our mission is to bridge language barriers and bring this valuable certification to agile professionals around the world.

In collaboration with a dedicated team of agile coaches from across the globe, we’re working tirelessly to ensure that the certification not only transcends languages but also meets the diverse needs of today’s agile practitioners.

Mark your calendars: We’re targeting the launch of the English version before March 1st.

Keep an eye out for further announcements and opportunities to contribute to this pioneering effort. If you’re passionate about agile methodologies and interested in contributing to the expansion of the Agile Master Certification, we’re eager to connect with you.

This certification is your gateway to agility excellence. It covers the fundamentals and advanced techniques of Scrum, Kanban and the main Agile frameworks at scale. You’ll discover how these methodologies are transforming project management and strengthening team collaboration.

Agile Master Certification at a glance

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But what is an Agile Master?

An Agile Master is a highly qualified and versatile professional in the field of agility. He’s much more than just a practitioner of agile methods. Here are the key roles and skills of an Agile Master:

In short, an Agile Master is a central pillar in the adoption and implementation of agile practices, playing a decisive role in the success of an organization’s agile transformation.

Certification includes :

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