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Elevate your Agile career with the Agile Master Certification, now available for only €59 and valid for life! Learn more about how this certification can enhance your expertise and open new career opportunities in the dynamic world of Agile.

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Obtain lifelong recognition with the Agile Master Certification. Benefit from flexible examination schedules and comprehensive resources accessible online Official Logo - Leading Agile, Scrum, SAFe, LeSS, Kanban Certification Training

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Thanks to the Agile Master Certification, not only did I validate my Scrum skills, but I also expanded my knowledge in Kanban and scaled agility. This enhanced my role as a Scrum Master with deeper and more diverse expertise. The rich content and online access flexibility were major advantages in calmly preparing for the certification.

Lila J.
Scrum Master
Agile Expertise and Excellence

Join the elite Agilists with the Agile Master Certification

Embark on a transformative journey and propel your agile career forward.

The Agile Master Certification is more than just a certification: it’s a guarantee of excellence, expertise and commitment to the most advanced agile practices.

Lifetime validity

Once earned, the Agile Master Certification is valid for life. A lasting investment in your career without the need for renewal.

Unlimited attempts

In case of failure, don't worry. The Agile Master Certification offers unlimited attempts, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Recognized expertise

The Agile Master Certification symbolizes professional recognition of your expertise in agility, enhancing your profile in the professional world.

Revision Sheets

Once earned, the Agile Master Certification is valid for life. A lasting investment in your career without the need for renewal.


From agile novice to agile expert: Discover how my career path has been transformed thanks to Agile Master certification.

Sarah L.
Product Owner

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Transform your career with Agile Master Certification, a recognized path to agile excellence. Designed for dedicated professionals, it opens the door to unprecedented opportunities in the agile field.

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