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In the meantime, here are three links giving you direct access to the different sections of the Agile Master Certification. (You will need to log in before completing each of these steps) :

  1. Prerequisites and General Information: Here you’ll find all the information you need to get started, including what you need to know before you begin training. Go to Prerequisites.

  2. Revision sheets and YouTube playlists: These resources will help you prepare effectively for the exam. Discover our revision sheets and a selection of suitable YouTube playlists.
    See Review Resources

  3. Agile Master Certification Final Exam: When you feel ready, you can take the final exam through this link.
    Take the Final Exam.

We look forward to seeing you succeed, and are here to support you on your journey to Agile Master certification. Good luck!

Step 1: Access your Agile Master certificate

  • Check your confirmation email: Once you’ve passed your Agile Master exam, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
  • Find the link to your certificate: In this email, locate the link that redirects you to your certificate on the CertifyMe website.
  • Access your certificate: Click on the link to open your certificate page on CertifyMe.

Step 2: Add your certification to your LinkedIn profile

  • Use the ‘Add to Profile’ button: On the certificate page, click on “Add to Profile” to add the certificate directly to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Finalize addition to LinkedIn: You will be directed to LinkedIn to integrate your certification into your profile.
  • Add related skills: This is the perfect opportunity to enrich your profile with skills such as “Agile Methodologies, LeSS, Kanban, Lean, Scrum, Agile, SAFe, Project Management, Agile Project Management, Agile Leadership, Scrumban”.

Step 3: Share your success on LinkedIn

  • Prepare your publication: Return to your certificate’s CertifyMe page and use the share button to create a LinkedIn post highlighting your OpenBadge.
  • Use strategic hashtags: Include hashtags like #CertifiedAgileMaster and #AgileMaster to maximize the reach of your publication.
  • Tag us in your post: Be sure to tag us in your post to celebrate your success with our community.
  • Share your story: Tell us what this certification means to you and how it has impacted your professional career.

Agile Master certification is a leading professional qualification designed to recognize and validate your expertise in the field of agility. It is specially designed to attest to your in-depth knowledge and practical skills in various agile methodologies and practices, such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and agile frameworks at scale.

By achieving this certification, you demonstrate not only your commitment to agile excellence, but also your ability to effectively apply agile principles in a variety of professional contexts. This certification is particularly suited to professionals who wish to distinguish themselves in roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile coach, or any other role requiring a deep understanding of agile practices.

The standard price for Agile Master certification is €59.99 incl. VAT. However, we regularly offer promotions and special offers, enabling you to obtain this certification at a reduced price. These promotional offers are an excellent opportunity to invest in your professional development without weighing heavily on your budget.

Stay tuned to our LinkedIn and Facebook pages to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these opportunities, and to keep up to date with the latest news and trends in the world of agility. By following these channels, you’ll always be at the front of the queue to take advantage of the best offers and move forward in your career with agility.

Yes, of course. If you need an invoice for your certification, click on the Orders tab (above). You can easily download the invoice for your purchase.

Agile Master partnerships offer significant advantages for companies looking to improve their agile skills. Firstly, these partnerships give companies access to reduced rates for Agile Master certifications, making training more accessible to a wider range of employees. This fosters a culture of continuous learning and reinforces agile expertise within the organization.

Partner companies also benefit from increased visibility. Their logo is displayed on the website, in blog posts, and on dedicated pages, increasing their presence and reputation in the agile community. This level of visibility is a major asset for strengthening the employer brand and attracting qualified talent.

Finally, by becoming partners, companies join a dynamic network of agile professionals. This network offers opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration and mutual learning, contributing to the professional development of employees and innovation within the company.

For more details, please visit our partnership page.

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