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About me

Ahmed Ben Salem: Scrum Master and Release Train Engineer SAFe, based in Paris, with 7 years' experience in Cloud, Web, Agile and DevOps environments.

I help organizations become Agile, Lean & DevOps

Agile at heart, I’ve worked as a Scrum Master, Product Owner or Release Train Engineer on SAFe, Scrum and DevOps projects. My approach is centered on people and stakeholder involvement. This has enabled me to create collaborative environments conducive to innovation and performance.

Since 2016, I have successfully led several Agile software development projects, both in medium-sized companies such as Odigo, and in well-known multinationals such as Orange and PSA.

I’ve acquired solid experience in Agile methodologies, in particular Scrum and SAFe, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with multicultural teams from different countries, including the USA, India, Vietnam and Morocco.


Dynamic, committed Scrum Master with a solid understanding of Agile principles and proven experience in creating collaborative, high-performance team cultures that foster innovation and project success.

Scrum, Kanban

Practical experience in managing agile projects with Scrum and Kanban methods, using iterative approaches to planning, collaboration and continuous delivery.

Agility at scale

Extensive experience in managing large-scale agile projects using SAFe methodology, with a focus on strategic alignment, collaboration and continuous value delivery.

Animation, Facilitation

Skilled in facilitating and leading meetings, workshops and training courses, using creative techniques to encourage participant involvement and interaction.

Jira / Confluence

Expert in the use of Jira and Confluence for project management, collaboration and documentation, with in-depth experience in customizing and configuring these tools to meet the specific needs of the company and project team.

Training and support

Experience in training and coaching teams in agile methodologies, using pedagogical techniques to facilitate the adoption of agile practices and values.

Risk management

Practical experience in risk management on agile projects, using iterative approaches to quickly identify and address potential risks, while maintaining the flexibility needed to adapt to changes

Continuous improvement

Implementation of continuous improvement on agile projects, using methods such as retrospective to evaluate results and identify opportunities for improvement within the team.

Release schedule

Practical experience in Agile release management with approaches such as continuous delivery, automation and dependency management to ensure frequent, stable and high-quality deliveries.


Good understanding of DevOps principles, including the importance of automation, collaboration and continuous delivery, and I am proficient in the corresponding core practices.

Visual Management

Mastery of visual management tools such as Klaxoon, iObeya or Miro to facilitate collaboration and visualization of key information, improving transparency and understanding of tasks and objectives for the project team.

Web Development

Basic knowledge of web development with a solid understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and the ability to create simple, interactive web pages.


Familiar with the basic concepts of Cloud Computing, including service models such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, as well as popular Cloud providers such as VMware and Azure.

My Certifications & Diplomas


Agile and Lean frameworks (SAFe, Scrum, Kanban, etc.)
Product Ownership (Writing US, Prioritization, Roadmap...)
Jira / Confluence & Plugins
Animation Facilitation
Visual Management (iObeya, Klaxoon, Miro...)
Development planning and monitoring
Training and support
Continuous improvement (retrospectives, workshops, etc.)
Risk management (ROAM matrix)
DevOps (Git, CI/CD, Jenkins, Sonar, Microservices...)
Test Management (Jira XRay)
Wordpress CMS
Development (C, C++, C# .Net)
Cloud (VMware, Azure, K8s, Openshift)
Web development (Java/JEE, Angular)

Professional experience



Release TRain Engineer

Release Train Engineer SAFe in an internal Cloud project (PaaS type) involving a team of 60 people, ensuring the regular and reliable planning, coordination and delivery of functionalities, as well as risk and dependency management, to achieve our entity's business objectives.



Scrum Master and Product Owner

Experience as Scrum Master and Product Owner in an internal IaaS cloud project, with a focus on regular and efficient delivery of key functionalities to meet the SAFe train's business challenges. All the while fostering innovation, collaboration and project team performance to guarantee customer satisfaction.



Scrum Master

As Scrum Master and Business Analyst in a Business Intelligence (Big Data) project at PSA, I implemented effective Scrum practices to enable better priority management, smoother collaboration between teams and continuous improvement of product quality. I also worked closely with the customer to maximize the business value delivered, while giving him visibility of the project's progress.


Odigo by Capgemini

Scrum Master

As Scrum Master on a 100-strong SAFe train, I was responsible for implementing agile practices and facilitating ceremonies. I also helped the team to improve collaboration and solve problems, while ensuring that deliverables were of high quality and delivered on time.


Odigo by Capgemini

Junior Development Engineer

As a Junior Development Engineer, I developed a Windows-based Softphone using the C, C++ and C# .Net languages. I worked closely with senior developers to learn and improve my technical skills. I also took part in code reviews and testing to ensure the quality of the final product. This experience enabled me to develop my programming skills and understand the software development process in a company.

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