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Our unique Agile Master certification offers a practical and accessible approach to mastering agile methodologies.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this certification will enhance your skills and open doors in your agile career. Join a community of agile professionals who make a difference.

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Transform Your Career: Benefits of Agile Master Certification

Agile Master certification is a real career catalyst, designed to establish you as an undisputed expert in professional agility. Discover the many benefits of this renowned qualification.

Expanding your professional horizons

The Agile Master Certification opens doors to new career opportunities, positioning you as a prime candidate for leadership roles in project management and agile development.

Worldwide recognition of your expertise

With this internationally recognized certification, demonstrate your mastery of Agile principles and their practical application, increasing your visibility and credibility with employers and peers.

Continuous Skills Development

access a wide range of training resources, including interactive workshops, webinars and case studies, to stay on top of the latest trends and practices in agility.

Competitive advantage in the labor market

With your certification, differentiate yourself on the job market by proving that you have not only the technical skills but also the leadership skills needed to manage agile teams.

Enriched Professional Network

By becoming a Certified Agile Master, join an exclusive community of agile professionals, offering opportunities for networking, mentoring and collaboration on innovative projects.

Success Stories on LinkedIn

Browse the LinkedIn posts of our Agile Master graduates to see how they celebrate and share their agility successes. Click on the links below to discover their stories.

Customer reviews

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"Getting the Agile Master certification was a turning point in my career. The modules were in-depth and very practical, and I now feel totally confident in applying agile methods in my projects. Invaluable training"

"The flexibility and wealth of content offered in the Agile Master certification enabled me to prepare at my own pace and obtain my certification without stress. The knowledge I've acquired is already being applied in my day-to-day work."

Train online before taking your certifications

We have selected for you the best online courses to prepare for your Scrum, Agile Master and SAFe® certifications on Udemy!

Thanks to our partnership with Udemy, we can offer you the best online training courses to prepare you for the Agile certifications on the market. such as Agile Master, PSM and PSPO (from or SAFe certifications (Leading SAFe, SAFe Scrum Master…) and many others.

Our selection criteria for Udemy training courses :


Each course is graded by learners just like you, ensuring proven quality and authentic feedback.


Read real-life testimonials to understand the impact of training on professionals' skills and careers.

The Price

Best-value training courses, selected to maximize your investment.


Rich educational content, from interactive videos to case studies, for in-depth learning.

Become a Certified Scrum Master with Advanced Training

Get to grips with key roles in agile with specialized training for Scrum Masters. These courses are meticulously designed to prepare you for prestigious certifications, such as Professional Scrum Master (PSM),SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM )from Scaled Agile Inc.and our versatile Agile Master Certification. Equip yourself with the skills to orchestrate agile projects and become the linchpin of operational excellence.

Product Owner training for PSPO and SAFe® POPM certifications

Turn your vision into reality with advanced training for Product Owners. Our selections on Udemy prepare you for the PSPO (Professional Scrum Product Owner), SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) certifications, and our multi-frameworks Agile Master Certification. Take control of product development and propel your career to the forefront of agility.

Develop as a DevOps engineer with specialized agile training courses

Explore our carefully chosen selection of Udemy training courses, designed for technical professionals who want to excel in agile methodologies. These preparation courses target key certifications such as SAFe® for Architects, SAFe DevOps (from Scaled Agile Inc.) and SAFe® for Architects.and Professional Scrum Developer (PSD), offering practical skills for effective software development within a Scrum and SAFe framework. Perfect for developers, architects and DevOps engineers, these courses reinforce your expertise in agility.

Agile Managers: strengthen your leadership with SAFe and PAL1 Scrum training courses

Transform your approach to management and leadership with our range of agile leadership training courses on Udemy. These courses are designed to prepare you for key certifications such as SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager, SAFe Agilist (from Scaled Agile Inc), and Professional Agile Leadership 1 (PAL 1). Each course emphasizes the crucial importance of leadership support in deploying agile practices, and the added value of agility in business environments. Ideal for executives, managers and team leaders, these courses enrich your skills to lead confidently and effectively in an agile context.

Why choose Agile Master Certification?

The world of Agile certifications is vast, and it’s not always necessary to collect them. Our Agile Master Certification stands out for its inclusive philosophy and multi-framework approach. Instead of focusing on a single framework like Scrum, we certify a holistic understanding and fundamental skills in agility, covering key methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and the universal principles of agile at scale. This certification is designed for those who wish to obtain solid recognition of their agile skills without limiting themselves to a specific framework, paving the way for greater flexibility and adaptability in the professional agile world.

Legal information :

Although Agile Master Certification introduces the fundamental concepts of agility at scale, it is not an alternative to SAFe
offered by Scaled Agile, Inc. For detailed immersion and certification in the SAFe framework, we recommend following the official training courses available on Scaled Agile. The Agile Master Certification aims to establish a solid foundation in universal agile practices and is in no way a SAFe certification.

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Key benefits :

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  • Unlimited attempts: Retake the exam as many times as necessary.
  • 100% Online Access: Study where and when you want.
  • Professional recognition: Certificate and OpenBadge digital badge, shareable on LinkedIn.
  • Teaching resources: More than 25 revision sheets and other aids.

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