Online training to prepare for Product Owner certification ( and SAFe)

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Price comparison of e-learning courses to become a certified Scrum Master

Below you can compare the prices and content of several e-learning training offers on several partner sites. This will reduce the overall cost of your certification if you go through other certification bodies.

PSM1 certification exam

On Fiverr
  • In English
  • 280 exam-style questions
  • Customized level of complexity (depending on your level of knowledge)
  • Explanations given for each test answer

e-learning Scrum Master Fundamentals

On Tutorialspoint
  • In English
  • 3 hours of videos
  • All key themes are covered
  • 100 preparation questions
  • Suitable for Scrum practitioners

e-learning and PSM1 preparation test

On Fiverr
  • In French
  • 4h30min video
  • All key themes are covered
  • Over 200 exam-style questions
  • Suitable for beginners and people who have already practiced Scrum
  • PDF resources to help you understand Scrum and prepare for certification!

Customized Premium e-learning for PSM1

On Fiverr
  • In English or French
  • Over 6 hours of video
  • All key themes are covered
  • 280 Examination questions
  • Program tailored to your level of Scrum knowledge
  • Many more exclusive resources to ensure exam success
  • Premium and customized e-learning packages

All the e-learning courses I recommend for Product Owners

pspo certification France freelance product owner scrum master Product Owner training

Preparation for PSPO1 Product Owner certification

This training course will enable you to master the "Scrum" framework and participate in its implementation in your company. Finally, it will help you prepare for the "Professional Scrum Master™" PSM1 and/or "Professional Product Owner™" PSPO1 certification.

950 participants
pm po safe certification pmpo 1 Product Owner training

Preparing for SAFe POPM certification

Find 150 questions in this SAFe Product Owner Prodcut Manager (PMPO) certification practice test. Many details are provided in the answers at the end of each test.

600 participants

Preparation for Product Owner Premium and customized certifications

With our tailor-made service, you can pass all your Scrum Master certifications online.

We offer :

  • The most comprehensive e-learnings on the market, adapted to your level of knowledge of Scrum, SAfe and agility in general.
  • Mock exams as close as possible to the final certification exam to better prepare you
  • Exclusive resources to put the odds in your favor

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Transform your career with Agile Master Certification. A unique opportunity for agility professionals, from beginners to the most experienced.

Key benefits :

  • Lifetime validity: No renewal necessary.
  • Unlimited attempts: Retake the exam as many times as necessary.
  • 100% Online Access: Study where and when you want.
  • Professional recognition: Certificate and OpenBadge digital badge, shareable on LinkedIn.
  • Teaching resources: More than 25 revision sheets and other aids.

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