Top 3: summer icebreakers with free Miro or Klaxoon templates

Whether you’re a Scrum Master, team coach or manager, one of your main responsibilities is to facilitate fluid, dynamic communication within your team. The
can be powerful tools for achieving this goal, especially when adapted to the current season. With the
in full swing, here are three ideas for summer icebreakers using free Miro templates.

icebreaker special ete summer team building reunion Top 3: summer icebreakers with free Miro or Klaxoon templates

the icebreaker Postcard works very well for all your meetings that take place during or before a vacation period all year round!

Background :

Each member of your team will share his or her ideal vacation or an outstanding summer memory. you’ll vote at the end to see which types of vacation your team enjoys most.

Duration :

Approximately 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the size of your team.

Procedure :

  1. Prepare in advance a Miro painting with various summer images. Use our free image template provided below.
  2. Each participant chooses an image that evokes his or her ideal vacation, and writes a “postcard” to accompany the image, explaining his or her choice.
  3. Once everyone has finished, go around the table so that everyone can briefly present their postcard.
  4. Cast your vote to see which destinations are your team‘s favorites!

Download and add this image to a Miro board for use as a free icebreaker template.

Icebreaker"Let's build our desert island" with Template Miro

The Summer Desert Island icebreaker invites each team member to add an element to a virtual desert island, stimulating creativity and collaboration.

Background :

You’re in a game show, and you can only choose one item before you go to the desert island. Your item cannot be a combination of several items (e.g. a first-aid kit).

Duration :

Approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of your team.

Procedure :

  1. Create a Miro painting of a desert island using the free image below.
  2. The facilitator will then divide the participants into different groups of 4 to 6 people, who will then have 10 minutes for each team member to choose a single object to facilitate their survival on the desert island . Can certain equipment be combined, and if so, why? The aim of each group is to prove that they are better survivors than the opposing teams.
  3. The facilitator will ask each group to explain to the others the objects they have selected, and the possibilities of combining them. teams take it in turns to discuss the choices they’ve made.
  4. The organizer will choose the winning team: It will be the group that seems to have the best chances of survival on this desert island.

Download this image for free (click on the image, download/share button at top right) then add the image as wallpaper to your Board Miro or Klaxoon

Icebreaker"Creating Cocktails" with Template Miro

This latest summer or spring icebreaker invites each team member to design his or her favorite cocktail. (with or without alcohol, of course!)

Background :

Invite your team members to share their favorite cocktails during fine weather. You’ll be amazed at the results and the variety of tastes and flavours your team members will appreciate!

Duration :

Approximately 20 to 25 minutes, depending on the size of your team.

Procedure :

  1. Create a Miro table divided into sections for each participant.
  2. Everyone adds images to illustrate the ingredients of their cocktail.
  3. Once finished, each team member explains his or her choice of ingredients. For the more professional among us, don’t hesitate to share the recipes and little secrets that make all the difference!
  4. Invite your team to an after-work get-together to share a convivial moment over icebreaker cocktails!

Download and add this image to a Miro board for use as a free icebreaker template.


Including themed icebreakers in your meetings can help strengthen team cohesion and make interactions more engaging and dynamic.

These three summer icebreakers, made from Miro Templates, are designed to encourage creativity, promote communication and get to know your team members in a fun way.

Don’t hesitate to check out our article featuring a top 7 list of the best online games for your Team Building!

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