Top 3 Summer Icebreakers with Free Miro or Klaxoon Templates

Whether you’re a Scrum Master, team coach, or manager, fostering fluid, dynamic communication within your team is crucial. Icebreakers can be potent tools for this purpose, especially when they’re seasonally themed. With summer in full swing, here are three engaging icebreaker ideas utilizing free Miro templates.

icebreaker special ete summer team building reunion Top 3 Summer Icebreakers with Free Miro or Klaxoon Templates

The “Postcard” icebreaker is perfect for meetings occurring during or just before a vacation period, making it versatile for year-round use.


Team members share their ideal vacation or a memorable summer experience, followed by a vote to discover the team’s most favored vacation types.


This activity typically lasts 15 to 20 minutes, varying with team size.


  1. Pre-set a Miro board with various summer-themed images using our free template provided below.
  2. Participants pick an image that resonates with their ideal vacation, writing an accompanying “postcard” to explain their choice.
  3. Each team member then shares their postcard with the group.
  4. Finally, vote to see which vacation types are most popular within the team.

Download and add this image to a Miro board for use as a free icebreaker template.

Icebreaker "Let's Build Our Desert Island" with Miro Template

This creative exercise invites each team member to contribute an item to a virtual desert island, fostering creativity and teamwork.


Imagine being on a game show where you can choose only one item to take to a desert island. The item must be singular, not a combination like a first-aid kit.


Expect this activity to take about 20-30 minutes, depending on your team’s size.


  1. Start with a Miro depiction of a desert island using the free image below.
  2. The facilitator divides participants into groups of 4 to 6, giving them 10 minutes to select one survival item each. Discussion follows on whether and why certain items might be combined for better survival chances against other teams.
  3. Each group presents their chosen items and their combination rationale to the rest.
  4. The facilitator decides which group seems most likely to survive, based on their choices.

Download this image for free (click on the image, download/share button at top right) then add the image as wallpaper to your Board Miro or Klaxoon

Icebreaker "Creating Cocktails" with Miro Template

This fun activity has team members design their favorite cocktail, encouraging sharing and creativity.


Team members disclose their preferred cocktails for warm weather, revealing a variety of tastes and preferences.


This takes about 20 to 25 minutes, depending on team size.


  1. Create a Miro board sectioned off for each participant.
  2. Everyone adds images to depict their cocktail’s ingredients.
  3. Participants then share why they chose these ingredients, including recipes and tips that make their cocktail special.
  4. Consider an after-work gathering to enjoy these icebreaker-inspired cocktails together!

Download and add this image to a Miro board for a creative and free icebreaker template.


Incorporating themed icebreakers into your meetings can significantly enhance team cohesion and make interactions more lively and engaging. These three summer-themed icebreakers, leveraging Miro Templates, are crafted to boost creativity, improve communication, and offer a fun way to learn more about your team members.

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