Presentation of the Agile Master Certification – Excellence in Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agility

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of project management, agility has become an essential pillar for companies seeking to innovate and adapt rapidly. The Agile Master Certification has been specially designed to meet this need, offering a comprehensive yet affordable approach to mastering agile practices.

Unlike traditional certifications, which are often costly and limited to a single framework, Agile Master stands out for its versatility and accessibility, appealing to a wide range of professionals wishing to deepen their agility skills.

Agile Master certification meets the challenges of today’s agile training market. Many certifications, despite their value, remain financially inaccessible. They often focus on a single methodology, such as Scrum or agility at scale, and involve high renewal costs. These factors limit access to further training.

Agile Master, created by Leading Change, has been designed to overcome the main obstacles encountered in traditional agile certifications. We offer a more affordable and comprehensive option, covering a range of agile methodologies without imposing onerous renewal fees or high re-testing costs.

Our aim is to make agility certification more affordable and flexible. However, this does not mean that certification is easy to obtain. That’s why we provide you with a wide range of resources and detailed revision sheets, increasing your chances of success.

Badge de Certification Agile Master Officiel Presentation of the Agile Master Certification - Excellence in Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agility
Badge de Certification Agile Master - validez vos compétences en Scrum, SAFe, LeSS, et Kanban en payant pas cher et obtenez ce badge de certification agile gratuitement

Benefits of Agile Master Certification

Universal Agile Certification

Agile Master is designed to cover a wide range of agile methodologies. This certification is perfect for those aiming for a complete understanding of the various agile methods, ranging from Scrum to Kanban, and including scaled agility frameworks such as LeSS. This broad spectrum guarantees a wide range of agile expertise.

One-time investment for lifetime certification

Agile Master Certification is distinguished by its lifetime validity. This unique one-time investment model with no renewal costs represents a long-term economic opportunity for agile professionals.

Flexibility and accessibility

Certification offers great flexibility in the examination process. Candidates can choose the most appropriate time to take the exam. What’s more, online access to training and resources enables practical, personalized preparation.

Complete resources for effective preparation

Agile Master provides comprehensive preparation resources, including review sheets and free mock exams. These tools help candidates to prepare effectively and deepen their knowledge before the exam.

Professional Recognition and Enhancement

The certification is recognized nationally and internationally, demonstrating solid expertise in agility. Holders receive an official certificate and a digital badge, enhancing their professional profile.

Freedom to retry if unsuccessful

Unlimited attempts in case of failure give candidates the freedom and confidence to succeed. This approach ensures that all motivated professionals can obtain their certification.

Transform Your Career with Agile Master Certification

Agile Master Certification is your passport to an enriched career and unprecedented opportunities!

Certification for all Agile roles

Scrum Masters: Improve and certify your skills

The role of the Scrum Master is crucial in any agile team. The Agile Master Certification enables you to deepen your knowledge of Scrum and other market-leading frameworks, enriching your facilitation and coaching skills. It’s an opportunity for Scrum Masters to broaden their expertise and strengthen their professional credibility.

Product Owners: Master Agile Product Management

For Product Owners, this certification offers a broader perspective on agile product management. It covers not only the fundamental aspects of Scrum but also crucial elements of other agile methodologies, enabling you to better align the product vision with agile methods.

Developers and Technical Experts: Excelling in Agile Practices

Developers and technical experts will find Agile Master a valuable resource for honing their technical skills in an agile context. The certification covers essential aspects such as iterative development, continuous integration and agile coding best practices.

Agile Managers and Leaders: Leading with Agility

For agile managers and leaders, this certification is a step towards more flexible and responsive management. It offers insights into how to manage agile teams and steer complex projects using various agile frameworks.

Agile Consultants

For Agile consultants working on customer assignments, this certification is a major asset. It demonstrates a recognized and versatile expertise, essential to providing effective advice and solutions for your customers.

For All Other Professionals, Beginners or Experts

The Agile Master Certification is also ideal for professionals, whether beginners or experienced, who are looking to formally validate their knowledge of agility. It provides a solid foundation for beginners and a means of consolidating and certifying skills for experts.

Certification Agile Master badge 500 Presentation of the Agile Master Certification - Excellence in Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agility
Badge Officiel de Certification Agile Master - Excellence en Méthodologies Agiles

How to obtain Agile Master Certification

The Agile Master Certification is designed to be both rigorous and accessible. The 60-minute test includes 70 multiple-choice questions in French. It tests your understanding of agile methodologies and requires a score of 80% to pass.

With unlimited attempts and comprehensive preparation resources, candidates have every chance of success.

Agile Master Certification a cheap and great certification for Scrum SAFe LeSS professionals
Diplôme de la certification Agile Master. Formation certifiante spécialisée en Scrum SAFe LeSS Agile Lean et Kanban. pas cher et complète pour mettre en valeur vos compétences en agilité et pour Scrum Master

Testimonials from Agile Master Certifiers

As a Product Owner, the Agile Master Certification was a turning point in my career. Not only did it enable me to consolidate my knowledge of Scrum, it also broadened my understanding of other agile frameworks such as SAFe and Kanban. This certification has added great value to my professional profile and given me new confidence to manage my projects with a broader and more effective perspective. The preparation resources were comprehensive and the flexible review made the whole learning process very convenient.

photo de profile linkedin d'un product Owner qui réalise un témoignage autour de la certification Scrum Agile Master
Loan D.
Product Owner

As a Scrum Master, I've always sought to strengthen my skills and understanding of agility. The Agile Master Certification offered me exactly that. Thanks to this certification, I've been able to deepen my knowledge of Scrum and explore other approaches such as LeSS and Kanban. This has had a significant impact on my ability to guide my teams towards greater efficiency and improved collaboration. The flexibility of online training and the lifetime validity of the certification were also major advantages for me.

mission de coach Agile indépendant en freelance avec portage salarial et CDIC
Amira S.
Scrum Master

Conclusion: Your next step in Agility

By obtaining the Agile Master Certification, you are taking an important step in your agile professional development. This certification not only recognizes your skills, it also opens the door to new career opportunities in a wide range of agile roles.

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