The Hot Air Balloon Retrospective: A Powerful Method for Continuous Improvement

Scrum Masters and Agility enthusiasts, welcome to “Le Blog du Scrum Master”. Today, we’re off to discover an enriching and visually captivating retrospective model: the Hot Air Balloon.

Whether you’re a fan of Miro or Klaxoon, this template specially designed for Agile retrospectives will help you navigate serenely through the shifting winds of your project, identifying the forces that propel you and the obstacles that hold you back. So fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for a lift-off towards continuous improvement.

retrospective scrum agile exemple template hot air balloon The Hot Air Balloon Retrospective: A Powerful Method for Continuous Improvement

The Hot Air Balloon retrospective model, evoking the image of a hot-air balloon, provides an ideal framework for examining the forces that help your Scrum team move forward and the weights that hold it back. It also anticipates future challenges (problems) (storm) and potential solutions (sun).

Here’s how to fill in the 4 columns of this retrospective (in chronological order):

Step 1: Past Sprint Analysis

  • Hot Air : This column is designed to capture the positive aspects of the past sprint. In other words, the factors that helped the team “climb higher”. What made the team progress? What were the highlights and moments of success?
  • Weights: In this column, participants identify the obstacles or challenges encountered during the sprint just completed. What hindered the team’s progress or “dragged it down”?

Step 2: Forecasts for future sprints

  • The Storm: Here, participants must focus on potential challenges and obstacles that could make the journey turbulent in the future. What are the anticipated problems? What could potentially destabilize the team?
  • The Sun: This column is dedicated to solutions and ideas for overcoming future challenges and enhancing the team experience. What could the team do to avoid the “storm” and ensure “sunny days” in the future?

Stage 3 : Drawing up Continuous Improvement Actions

This final stage is devoted to identifying continuous improvement actions. The team must strive to transform the challenges identified and the forecasts for future sprints into a concrete action plan. In addition, it is essential to assign each action to a team member who will be responsible for implementing each continuous improvement action.

Online tools for your Hot Air Balloon Retrospective

To facilitate the process, we have Hot Air Balloon board templates available for Miro and Klaxoon collaborative tools. These online tools provide an interactive platform for your team to carry out this retrospective, no matter where everyone is located.

Template Miro

Use this Hot Air Balloon retrospective template for free on Miro :

Klaxoon template (exclusive) for your hot Air Balloon retrospective

Download this exclusive Hot Air Balloon retrospective template for free and import it on Klaxoon :

To find out more about importing “.klx” files into Klaxoon: Documentation


The Hot Air Balloon retrospective template offers a visual and interactive approach to analyzing past performance and planning future improvements. We encourage you to use this method in your next Agile sprint and share your experiences with us.

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