Definition of Ready (DoR): A Keystone for Agile Success

One of the cornerstone practices in Agile and Scrum methodologies is the Definition of Ready (DoR). This critical framework ensures that tasks or User Stories are comprehensively defined and prepared for the development team to commence work. Establishing a clear DoR is paramount in aligning team efforts towards achieving optimal results and enhancing the overall quality of software development.

In this exploration, we’ll delve into the DoR, unpacking its significance, its foundational role in Agile teams, and its contribution to streamlining sprint planning and execution. The Definition of Ready, by setting a checklist of prerequisites, serves as a beacon for Scrum teams, guiding them to undertake tasks that are well-defined, feasible, and aligned with the product backlog‘s strategic goals.

At its core, the DoR represents a checklist of criteria that a User Story must fulfill to be deemed ready for inclusion in a Sprint. It encapsulates the collective understanding and agreement of the Scrum team—encompassing the Product Owner, developers, and UX/UI professionals—on the readiness of Product backlog items. This alignment ensures that all parties’ constraints and requirements are meticulously considered during the User Stories‘ formulation.

A typical DoR checklist might include:

  • A clear, concise description of the functionality or task.
  • Collective understanding and acceptance by the Scrum team.
  • An estimation of the User Story’s complexity (via Story points, days, etc.).
  • Well-defined acceptance criteria.
  • Conformance to the INVEST criteria.
  • Verification of the resources’ availability needed for the task, including any dependencies.

Embracing a philosophy of continuous improvement, the DoR is dynamic, evolving in tandem with the team’s refinement process. It is subject to revision and enhancement during the Scrum team‘s retrospective phases, ensuring it remains relevant and effective.

definition of ready dor agile scrum user story Definition of Ready (DoR): A Keystone for Agile Success

Why implement DoR with your team?

The implementation of the Definition of Ready is pivotal for Agile teams, particularly in ensuring efficient and effective task handling. It lays the groundwork for improved software development by addressing several key areas:

  • Clarifying Expectations: The DoR crystallizes what is required for a User Story or task to proceed, aligning the Scrum team and stakeholders on quality and scope. This shared understanding mitigates the risk of ambiguity and misalignment, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  • Reduced Risk of Error: A well-defined DoR minimizes misunderstandings and misinterpretations, which could lead to costly errors during development. By setting clear criteria upfront, teams can circumvent issues that may arise from unclear or incomplete requirements.

  • Improved Quality: Focusing on DoR criteria enhances the quality of User Stories before development begins, thereby reducing the likelihood of bugs and quality issues that could impede progress.

  • Enhanced Planning: With DoR, Scrum teams can better plan their work for upcoming sprints, selecting only those backlog items that are truly ready. This refinement process ensures that sprint planning is both efficient and effective, focusing on actionable items.

  • Fostering Collaboration: The process of defining and agreeing on DoR necessitates ongoing dialogue and collaboration among all team members and stakeholders, bolstering team cohesion and operational efficiency.

Implementing DoR is a strategic move to elevate development quality, enhance sprint planning and execution, and foster a culture of open communication and collaboration within Agile teams.

How can you implement Definition Of Ready in your team?

Embedding the Definition of Ready within your Scrum team involves several critical steps to ensure its effectiveness and adoption:

  1. Whole Team Involvement: Engage all team members in the DoR process, ensuring that it is not solely the purview of the Product Owner. Collective participation in defining DoR fosters a comprehensive understanding and buy-in.

  2. Defining Checklist Criteria: Collaboratively establish the specific criteria that each User Story or task must meet. These criteria might include aspects like clarity of description, acceptance criteria, adherence to INVEST principles, and consideration of any dependencies.

  3. Integration into Agile Processes: Seamlessly incorporate the DoR checklist into your Agile workflow, ensuring it becomes an integral part of activities such as sprint planning and backlog refinement.

  4. Ensuring Team Comprehension: The Scrum Master plays a crucial role in educating and guiding the team on the DoR‘s application, ensuring everyone is comfortable and aligned with its use.

  5. Regular Review and Adaptation: The DoR should undergo continual evaluation to ascertain its relevance and efficacy. Adaptations based on feedback and reflections during sprint retrospectives keep the DoR aligned with the team’s evolving needs.

By adhering to these steps, Scrum teams can successfully integrate the Definition of Ready into their practices, laying a solid foundation for enhanced efficiency, quality, and teamwork.

defintion of ready exemple dor agile user story Definition of Ready (DoR): A Keystone for Agile Success

Pros and Cons: Navigating DoR Implementation

The adoption of the Definition of Ready (DoR) brings numerous advantages to Agile development practices, enhancing both the process and the product. However, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks to maintain balance and flexibility within the team.

Benefits of Definition of Ready

  1. Enhanced Understanding: DoR ensures all team members and stakeholders share a common understanding of what each User Story entails, significantly reducing the risk of miscommunication.

  2. Streamlined Planning: A clear DoR allows for better sprint and task planning, minimizing delays and improving overall time management within the project lifecycle.

  3. Higher Quality Deliverables: Emphasizing the readiness criteria promotes a focus on quality from the outset, ensuring User Stories are well-prepared for development and testing.

  4. Decreased Rework: By clarifying the readiness of User Stories, teams can avoid unnecessary backtracking and revisions, saving time and resources.

Drawbacks of Definition of Ready

  1. Potential for Rigidity: Overly stringent DoR criteria can limit the team’s agility, creating bottlenecks that hinder rapid response to change.

  2. Added Complexity: If not carefully managed, the DoR process can introduce additional layers of complexity, complicating the task management process.

  3. Requirement for Strong Communication: Effective implementation of DoR necessitates clear, consistent communication among all team members to ensure mutual understanding and adherence to the established criteria.

Properly implemented, the benefits of DoR can significantly outweigh its drawbacks, fostering an environment of clarity, quality, and efficiency. However, it’s crucial for teams to adopt a flexible approach, allowing for adjustments to the DoR criteria as the project evolves and team dynamics change.

Facilitate Your DoR Workshop with a Free Miro Template

To streamline the process of creating and refining your team’s Definition of Ready, we recommend using a specialized Miro Template. This template, available in MiroVerse, is designed to facilitate interactive workshops, enabling your Agile team to collaboratively define, discuss, and refine your DoR criteria in a dynamic and engaging whiteboard environment.

Explore the Free DoR Workshop Template on Miro

By leveraging this template, you can ensure that every team member contributes to the development of a comprehensive and actionable DoR. It’s an excellent starting point for teams looking to enhance their Agile practices and improve project outcomes.

online free workshop template on Miro for Definition of Ready
online free workshop template on Miro for Definition of Ready for your agile scrum Team and easy to use for Scrum Masters

Start improving your Agile workflow today by incorporating this essential tool into your next DoR workshop. Click the link to access the template and learn more about how Miro can support your Agile journey :

Get Your Free Miro Template Now


The Definition of Ready is a fundamental tool in the Agile methodology, serving to ensure that backlog items are comprehensively defined and prepared for implementation. By setting a standard for what it means for tasks to be “ready,” DoR facilitates smoother sprints, higher-quality outputs, and more effective collaboration among team members.

Adoption of DoR by developers, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners can lead to significant improvements in software development processes. It encourages a proactive approach to task preparation, ensuring that all work undertaken is aligned with the project’s goals and is of sufficient quality to proceed through development and testing phases.

Embracing DoR within your software development practices can elevate your team’s productivity and project outcomes. It’s an invitation to all Agile practitioners to consider how best to integrate this essential tool into their workflows, enhancing both team dynamics and project success.

Additional Resources for Enhancing Your Agile Practices

To further support your journey in mastering Agile methodologies and ensuring the success of your development projects, we recommend exploring the following resources:

  • Our Post on the Definition of Done (DoD): Gain a deeper understanding of how DoD complements DoR in Agile frameworks to ensure comprehensive task completion standards. Explore best practices and insights on implementing an effective DoD in your team. Read more.

  • Guide to Scrum Events: This detailed post walks you through the essential Scrum ceremonies, offering practical advice on conducting successful Sprints. From Sprint Planning to Retrospectives, enhance your team’s efficiency and collaboration. Learn more.

  • Agile Master Certification: Validate your expertise in Agile and Scrum methodologies with our comprehensive certification. This program (created by Leading Change) covers the main Agile/Scrum skills necessary for effective project management and team leadership. Get certified.

These resources are designed to provide you with a well-rounded understanding of key Agile concepts, practices, and certifications to elevate your skills and contribute to the success of your development projects.

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