Agile Moving Motivators Workshop: A Powerful Tool for Exploring Your Team’s Motivations

The Agile Moving Motivators workshop is a powerful tool invented by Jurgen Appelo, founder of Management 3.0, which enables individuals to reflect on their personal motivations and understand how organizational changes can affect them.

Inspired by the work of Daniel Pink, Steven Reiss and Deci/Ryan on intrinsic desires, this exercise is essential to a team’s success, encouraging mutual understanding of individual and collective motivations.

In this article, we dive into the concepts and benefits of the Agile Moving Motivators workshop.

atelier agile moving motivators workshop template pdf miro klaxoon en ligne Agile Moving Motivators Workshop: A Powerful Tool for Exploring Your Team's Motivations

The Agile Moving Motivators workshop takes place in three essential stages:

  1. First step: Identify the motivating factors that are important to you. Arrange the cards provided in order of importance, from left to right, with the least important card on the left and the most important on the right. This ranking will enable you to define the order of your motivations by importance.
  2. Step 2: Explore the potential impacts of change. Ask participants what levers they would like to emphasize for the next six months, or what motivations might be affected in the event of change. If a change has a positive effect on a motivation, move the card up. In the event of a negative impact, move the card downwards. If the change has no effect, leave the card in the middle. Encourage each participant to explain the reasons behind their choices.
  3. Third step: Time for reflection. If most of your important motivators are going down, or those considered less important are going up, you may need to work on your own motivation.

Materials required for the Moving Motivators workshop:

To run the Agile Moving Motivators workshop, make sure you have as many decks of 10 cards as there are workshop participants. Here are the 3 possibilities for setting up this workshop in person or by videoconference:

Miro templates :

Miro offers ready-to-use templates for the Agile Moving Motivators workshop. You can access these templates by registering for free on the platform and customize them to your team’s needs.

template miro workshop moving motivators agile Agile Moving Motivators Workshop: A Powerful Tool for Exploring Your Team's Motivations
Template Miro pour l'atelier Agile Moving Motivators

Klaxoon models :

Klaxoon also offers models dedicated to the Agile Moving Motivators workshop. You can use them by creating a free account on their collaborative platform, making it easy to set up the workshop with your team.

klaxoon modeles workshop agile moving motivators Agile Moving Motivators Workshop: A Powerful Tool for Exploring Your Team's Motivations
Klaxoon - Modèles pour le workshop Agile Moving Motivators

Moving Motivators in French in .pdf version :

Download the Moving motivators card game in pdf format on the Coach-Agile website. You can print them out and use them in your Moving Motivators workshop.

jeu de cartes atelier agile moving motivators fichier pdf telecharger Agile Moving Motivators Workshop: A Powerful Tool for Exploring Your Team's Motivations
Template PDF pour l'atelier Agile Moving Motivators. crédit :

Thanks to these online resources, you’ll be able to organize the Agile Moving Motivators workshop efficiently and collaboratively, benefiting from practical visual aids to facilitate the process of exploring individual motivations within your team.

Prerequisites :

In addition to the materials required for this agile workshop, you’ll need to create an atmosphere of non-judgment and benevolence. Each person must feel comfortable revealing themselves to the other participants.

Success factors for the Moving Motivators workshop :

The workshop is based on honesty and listening to the motivations of other participants. Encourage a space for exchange and discussion after the activity, as this is where the real value of the workshop lies.

Examples of use:

The Agile Moving Motivators workshop can be used in a variety of contexts:

  • Team transformation: During a period of organizational change, this workshop helps to understand how individual motivations align with the team’s transformation objectives.
  • Individual interviews: the workshop can be integrated into individual interviews to better understand the motivations of each team member and facilitate communication.

To find out more :

Here are three books that expand on the concepts covered in the Agile Moving Motivators workshop and will help you deepen your knowledge of team management and motivation:

  1. “Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders” by Jurgen Appelo – In this book, Jurgen Appelo details the principles of Management 3.0, including the Agile Moving Motivators workshop, and offers practical advice on becoming an inspiring agile leader.
  2. “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” by Daniel H. Pink – This key work by Daniel Pink explores human motivators, shedding light on the mechanisms behind intrinsic motivation and how it influences our behavior at work.
  3. “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People” by Gary Chapman and Paul White – This book presents a powerful framework for understanding the different ways in which individuals experience appreciation and recognition within their work environment, thereby enhancing their motivation and commitment.


By putting the Moving Motivators workshop into practice, you’ll be able to create a team that’s more motivated, committed and prepared to overcome challenges successfully. Take advantage of this powerful method to improve your understanding of your team’s motivations and foster a harmonious, high-performance work environment.

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